M. C. Harlow is a fantasy novel writer based in Ontario, Canada.

About the writer

“I have always been equally obsessed with the ideas of a world entirely separate from our own with magic, creatures, or different species of people (high fantasy) and of those very things finding themselves here among us, on Earth (low fantasy). Most of all, though, I liked the idea of creating something that didn’t exist, born only from my mind.”

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Current projects


Harlow is currently editing the first book and plotting the next two of an urban high fantasy trilogy, which currently goes by “Project: Bryn” – learn more.


Harlow is currently drafting two of several contemporary romance novellas for the anthology-style “Love, Limerence, and Limbic Resonance Vol. I” – learn more.


Harlow blogs regularly about music on “Sonic Astral Projections” – learn more.