Hi there! I’m Harlow, a fantasy writer with a soft spot for urban and high fantasy, and who sometimes dabbles in the romance genre. Occasionally, I also blog on Reading, Listening, Viewing about books, albums, and TV shows that I particularly enjoyed (or didn’t). Nowadays, though, you’re more likely to find me giving out my unsollicited opinions on my TikTok. At any rate, welcome to my website!

A bit on my personal background: I grew up in Ontario, Canada speaking French first, then English. I played many sports as a kid and teen, including hockey, softball, and volleyball, while also tearing through whatever book series was all the rage at the time. I’d then of course nag my friends until they did the same so that we could discuss it together. I still believe one of the best parts of reading is being able to discuss a book with friends afterwards.

I started writing my own stories around the age of ten, beginning with some silly tales about what my golden Labrador would do if he suddenly acquired magical athletic powers. I wrote these in marker and on paper I took from the family printer downstairs, then did my best to staple together like a real book when I was done (quickly discovering that my craft was in storytelling, not cover design).

I haven’t really stopped writing since. Around the age of twelve or thirteen I received an old, beat-up laptop with Word 2003 on it for my birthday from my grandpa, a writer also, who encouraged me to use it to write stories. I wrote a 40,000-word Percy Jackson rip-off with really clichĂ© elemental magic stolen right out of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I still have that story somewhere — it’ll never see the light of day of course, but I remember being proud of it at the time.

I’ve always been equally obsessed with the ideas of a world entirely separate from our own with magic, creatures, or different species of people (what I consider high fantasy) and of those very things finding themselves here among us, on Earth (what I consider low fantasy). Most of all, though, I liked the idea of creating something that didn’t exist, born only from my mind.

My second love was and still is music. I was fortunate enough to take guitar lessons when I was younger, which eventually led me to minor in music during my university degree. I enjoy picking apart sounds and lyrics, and drawing individual meaning from pieces of music. My taste is all over the place, but lately it’s been lots of metalcore, emo, pop punk, and hyperpop.

Otherwise, I’m an introvert. My hobbies include snowboarding, going to concerts, reading (obviously), and binge-watching TV shows. I try to keep my “currently-s” (see below) as updated as I can so you can get a hint as to what I may cover in upcoming blog posts, or if you’re simply looking for some recommendations!

As of now, I’m still an avid reader of many genres and a writer with multiple novel-length projects on the go — you can click here to learn more about those. I’ve often got some short stories floating around too.

I think that’s it about me, really. If you want to get in touch about writing, reading, music, or literally anything else, I’m probably best reached by my Twitter. Cheers!

Currently reading:
“The Stone Sky” by N. K. Jemisin

Currently listening:
“Feel Something” by Movements
“Life In Your Glass World” by Citizen
“GLUE” by Boston Manor
“Flamboyant” by Dorian Electra

Currently viewing:
“DOTA: Dragon’s Blood”
“Riverdale” (for the cringe, I promise)
“Zone Blanche”
“Hell’s Kitchen”

Some of my favourite words at the moment…

“What strange places our lives can carry us to, what dark passages.”
— Justin Cronin, from “The Passage”

“That was what magic did. It revealed the heart of who you’d been before life took away your belief in the possible. It gave back the world all lonely children longed for.”
— Leigh Bardugo, from “Ninth House”

“So many simple statements stand before a reality that is not simple at all.”
— Ann Leckie, from “The Raven Tower”

“The wrongs of the past are not less significant, they’re just harder to fix.”
— Erika Johansen, from “The Invasion of the Tearling”

“Too close to know we were playing fiction, living in a distant daydream”
— ROAM, “Playing Fiction”

“In you no passion bleeds
A shell that’s thin and withering
Did you misplace your flame
In pursuit of a new hell to help you heal or burn the same?”
— Counterparts, “No Servant of Mine”