About me

Hi there! I’m M. C. Harlow (you can call me Harlow, H, or M – I’ll respond to anything vaguely similar to my name). I’m a writer whose primary focus and passion is fantasy, but I also enjoy dabbling in the romance genre.

I grew up in Ontario speaking French first, then English. I played hockey, softball, and volleyball, while also tearing through whatever book series was all the rage at the time and harassing my friends until they did the same so that we could discuss it. I began writing my own stories around the age of ten, starting with some silly tales about what my golden labrador would do if he suddenly acquired magical athletic powers. I wrote these on paper I took from the family printer downstairs, then stapled together like a real book when I was done. I haven’t really stopped writing since.

Around the age of twelve or thirteen I received an old beat-up laptop with Word 2003 on it for my birthday from my grandpa, a writer also, who encouraged me to use it to write my stories. I wrote a 40k-word Percy Jackson rip-off with really cliché elemental magic – it will never see the light of day of course, but I was proud of it at the time.

I have always been equally obsessed with the ideas of a world entirely separate from our own with magic, creatures, or different species of people (high fantasy) and of those very things finding themselves here among us, on Earth (low fantasy). Most of all, though, I liked the idea of creating something that didn’t exist, born only from my mind.

My second love was and still is music. I enjoy picking apart sounds and lyrics, and drawing individual meaning from pieces of music. My taste ranges from beatdown hardcore to EDM, with essentially everything but country and opera in between. I blog about it on my project “Sonic Astral Projections”; you can read that here.

Otherwise, I’m an introvert. My hobbies include snowboarding, mindlessly scrolling through social media, watching shitty reality TV shows with my significant other, going to concerts, and playing games with my friends (I’ll take a night of drinks, cards, and Mario Party over clubbing anytime).

As of now, I’m still an avid reader of many genres and a writer with multiple projects on the go. I’m currently working on my urban high fantasy trilogy, which revolves around the lives of a brilliant politician, a selfless medic, and a resilient alcoholic in a world of cutthroat governments. You can read more about this story here.

I’m also working on an anthology of romance novellas meant to showcase real, raw, modern love within character-driven stories. You can read about that project here.

Currently reading:
“The Raven Tower” by Ann Leckie

Currently listening:
“The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me” by Brand New
“The Last Thing You Forget” by Title Fight
“Hello, It’s You” by Bearings

Currently watching:
“Peaky Blinders”

For inquiries of any kind, please feel free to reach out.

Some of my favourite words at the moment…

“You are not owed more than the shoulders you have burdened.”

Counterparts, “No Servant of Mine”

“Holding onto my skin to keep the rust from crawling in.”

Stand Atlantic, “Clay”

“What strange places our lives can carry us to, what dark passages.”

Justin Cronin, “The Passage”

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