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Hi there!

I’m Harlow, and you’ve found the place where I blog about music, my biggest passion (alongside writing, of course). Whether you’re a writer looking for a recommendation for your working playlist or a music lover ravenous for in-depth musical discussion from a passionate mind on the same wavelength, I got you.

An astral projection is an intentional out-of-body experience. Though I’ve never had one of these myself, I’d say music has brought me as close to it as I’ve ever gotten. I want to share the songs that get me through life in the hopes that they can do the same for you, with a particular emphasis on getting more people into alternative/heavy music. The name is also an homage to one of my favourite tracks by a great band called Creeper.

Below I’ve listed the posting schedule I’ll try my best to adhere to. If you want to read my introductory post before anything else, click HERE. Cheers!

— H

Photo: Parker Cannon (The Story So Far)

WeekdaySegment name & description
Monday“Miscellaneous Monday”
Discussion post on anything pertaining to the music world; weekly
Wednesday“Heavy Hump Day”
Recommendation post for a heavy music album; bi-weekly
Saturday/Sunday“Deep Dive”
Critical analysis post on an artist; bi-weekly
Note: this schedule has temporarily been placed on hold as I focus on other commitments. You can still read all my older posts below!

DD – Creeper

Introduction UK glam-punkers Creeper have been on my radar for about two years, and now that they’ve released their second full-length and have a decent amount of material out in the world, I figured I’d ask and answer: is their whole discography worth listening to? The first song I heard from the band was “BlackContinue reading “DD – Creeper”

DD – Stand Atlantic

This Australian pop punk band has made a huge splash onto the scene and released their second full-length a few days ago – but is their whole discography worth a listen?

DD – Halsey

This pop star has over 48 million listeners on Spotify as of mid-2020 and has scored numerous global hits – but is her entire discography worth listening to?

An introduction

Welcome to Sonic Astral Projections! Here’s the post where I introduce myself as a blogger and discuss my “musical journey” as I call it, so that you can better understand where I’m coming from when I blog about one of my passions!

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