“Death Note”

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show as fast as I watched “Death Note” last week – I don’t have an exact time, but it was in under 48 hours. That alone speaks to its quality, but let’s jump into the specifics of this brilliant anime. […]

“The Queen’s Gambit”

I try to keep “Reading, Listening, Vieweing” limited to media I’ve recently consumed so as to get my most visceral thoughts on each work I cover, but I had to make a small exception for “The Queen’s Gambit” […]

“Bridgerton” (season 1)

After finishing a pretty heavy show a few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were looking for something a bit lighter and funnier to watch: enter “Bridgerton”, a period drama created by television giant Shonda Rhimes, […]

“Altered Carbon”

For this first installment of “Viewing”, I figured I would talk about a TV show I finished just a week ago, because well, what a show it was. I am of course talking about the sci-fi space drama “Altered Carbon”, […]