Current fantasy project – “Project: Bryn”

As well-divided and organized as the Mainland might look, its current state of relative peace is virtually unprecedented. Russ has only just achieved civil calm over the past fifty years as the last nation to break free of Melginese rule, but conflict is always brewing beneath the surface, particularly in the political hub of Kore.

In this city full of silver-tongued liars, Bryn Havier thrives in her work as an Advisor; a legal and political research expert at the service of a Councilmember.

Kris Tillen is a sought-after medic who barely has a second to spare. He likes it that way though, and would do anything for his patients.

Dak Hallman is the daughter of a late reknowned architect. She struggles with a serious alcohol addiction and the tragic events of the past half-decade of her life.

When the Council of Russ makes a rare unanimous vote on what should have been a controversial issue, Bryn suspects corruption. Soon enough, she, Kris, and Dak each act in ways placing them at odds with the powerful Russi state – an often lethal scenario.

This is the planned first installment of this high fantasy trilogy. I am currently editing this book and aim to have it done by the end of this year. I am currently plotting books 2 & 3.

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