Current romance project – “LLLR Vol. I”

Romance? I thought you were a die-hard fantasy writer, H.
I am, trust me, and while it remains my focus and passion, writing in a single genre has always felt unduly limiting to me. I’ve always felt a pull towards romance because it is often character-driven, which can be said for many of my favourite books, too. There are times when I want to delve deep into the minds of my characters and have this be the primary aspect of my story, and in what better setting to do this than when they are falling in love?

“Love, Limerence, and Limbic Resonance Vol. I” is an anthology of romance novellas meant to showcase raw and imperfect love in all its glory. These stories are meant to realistically portray modern romance through well-developed, relatable characters and diverse romantic pairings worth rallying for.

Here are some small blurbs of some of the novellas currently in the works:

Tommy & Brooklyn
A young construction worker from a family of strict, high-achieving Jamaican immigrants, who has ambitious business aspirations but no degree and difficulty following through on his words, has just been let go from his job through no fault of his own. He meets a fourth-year psychology student who runs a popular tumblr. account and can’t get enough of iced coffee and old Sumerian-core music, and who seems to have it all figured out, when really she’s grappling with a massive identity crisis.

Erika & Jamie
An aspiring astronaut doing her best to wrap up her mechanical engineering masters amid a serious bout of clinical depression feels especially alone when her best friend attending law school across the country tells her she has no plans to return afterwards and her family remains unsupportive of what they call her far-fetched dream, even as she gets into the prestigious phD program at her university. She meets a young policy analyst who is grappling with what she views to be a fundamental dissonance between her political ambitions and her desire to be a morally good person.

Marcus & Felix
A quiet, shy first-generation Canadian working a humble job in a car parts factory to push his son and daughter through university finds his life beginning to crumble, between the death of his best friend of twenty-two years in a workplace accident and his dissolving marriage, which he feels guilty for. He meets the CEO of the company who owns the factory where he works, a charismatic and handsome hotshot with one of the brightest business minds of his generation but a knack for screwing people over.

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