Project: U

Most of the continent of Everness is dominated by the Nexuses, powerful trading companies that employ thousands of people. Sevren is an employee of the Lilac Nexus, although he has been secretly stealing from them ever since they slashed trade moving in and out of his beloved coastal village.

Ravenna endeavours to elucidate every mystery that piques her interest and refuses to pass on an opportunity to put her considerable intellect and skill to use. When an unusual offer to do just that falls into her lap, she pounces—perhaps a little too quickly.

On a distant island, where the most dedicated pilgrims travel for enlightenment, Ellan nurses a shameful secret: he is completely unable to engage in Projection, the elementary form of the far more advanced magic he is told he must master for the good of the world. When he is sent on a mission to assassinate the elusive New King of Rytn’sar, Ellan must begrudgingly recruit allies across Everness.

This story is gritty, adventurous, and dark.

Project status: first draft